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IDology provides a multi-layered, end-to-end authentication solution that helps companies streamline customer acquisition, prevent fraud, and meet compliance regulations.

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Product Spotlight: Mobile Identity Solution

Product Spotlight: Mobile Identity SolutionAs consumers embrace the mobile channel in growing numbers, and more services and transactions move to mobile platforms, there is an increased need for mobile-specific identity verification and fraud prevention. IDology’s Mobile Identity Solution secures mobile transactions with a unique and persistent mobile identity that is continuously updated in real-time, leveraging comprehensive mobile-network operator (MNO), identity and device data. The IDology Mobile Identity created through this process helps establish a high level of trust for mobile transactions and significantly reduces friction for customers. Highlights include:

  • It’s Unique. It’s Persistent. It’s Revocable
  • Eliminate Friction in Account Opening
  • Access Account Quicker
  • Create Secure Mobile Transactions
  • Establish a Unique Trusted User Identity
  • Seamless Escalation to Higher Levels of Verification When Needed

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The IDology Mobile Identity Spectrum

The IDology Mobile Identity SpectrumThe IDology Mobile Identity Spectrum is an integrated solution suite designed to enable safer and frictionless mobile experiences for your customers. Designed for mobile, The Spectrum will give you the ability to drive mobile transactions by quickly onboarding, verifying and then monitoring customer interactions via a Mobile Identity.

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New! Email Validation Solution

New! Email Validation Solution
IDology’s new Email Validation Solution offers enhanced fraud tools and predictive analytics that confirms, in real-time, an email’s authenticity.

  • Quickly confirms an email’s authenticity
  • Gain more decisioning power from email attribute
  • Stop more fraud
  • Verifications are global
  • Seamlessly escalate transactions based on email address risk

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ExpectID Scan Onboard

Mobile–optimized ID document scan & prefill to reduce friction during customer onboarding.

  • Capture ID with mobile device
  • Verify ID
  • Extract Data
  • Populate forms
  • Verify identity credentials
  • Escalate when needed

Coin Case Study

Coin Case Study“The fact that we can put IDology’s solutions to work and everything is highly automated allows us to scale much better and focus more on customer service. It’s critical that we prevent fraud and provide exceptional customer service, but the fact that IDology makes it so easy, and is automated, is a huge win for us.”
~ Russell Taga, COO of Coin

Learn how Coin improved security while streamlining customer on-boarding in this case study.

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LendUp Case Study

LendUp Case Study“Overall, through IDology, we have been able to increase our approval rates and get more customers while also filtering out the bad.”
~ Sasha Peter Orloff, Co-Founder & CEO, LendUp

Learn how IDology helped automate the LendUp CIP process, allowing them to accurately identity and approve more legitimate customers in this case study.

Learn More Case Study Case Study“There are not many service providers in the payments space that feel like real software companies. IDology is a customer-centric, enterprise provider that can deal with the complexities of the regulatory environment while remaining entrepreneurial and fast to innovate.”
~ Ben Katz, CEO and Founder of

Learn how improved the customer approval cycle and leveraged the power of the IDology network in this case study.

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Free WhitepaperWhitepaper: Improving Patient Portal Adoption and Decreasing Fraud with Advanced Identity Verification Solutions.

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